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Hi, I am Tracey Zudans, a Vero Beach City Council Member now running for Indian River County Commission. Over the years, my experience in the community has placed me in a wide variety of volunteer and philanthropic roles, including Vero Beach City Council and as a Trustee for the Indian River County Hospital District. I am ready to continue serving as County Commissioner for Indian River County District 5.

Please stand with me and support my campaign by signing my petition found below so I may be placed on the 2024 ballot. There is much work that needs to be done, and I am up for the task!

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Tracey Zudans Campaign
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The Issues Affecting Indian River County


Public safety is Tracey’s number one priority and responsibility for local government. When our law enforcement officers are looked after and provided with the tools they need to protect and take care of residents, the population grows and businesses flourish. I will always advocate for policies that ensure public safety and protect the welfare of our first responders. They can count on me to have their backs.

Protecting our natural resources and water infrastructure is paramount to bettering the quality of our drinking water. This vital element is fundamental to the community’s health and overall well-being, and it is imperative that we protect our sources and invest in the infrastructure that provides our community with high-quality drinking water.

Our community is growing, which means we need new and improved infrastructure such as homes and roads to accommodate this growth. With this kind of expansion, we need to take a smart, graceful approach that benefits the community as a whole. I look forward to taking this issue head-on and finding solutions that ensure residents’ safety and do not negatively impact our natural resources.  

Tracey will fight to protect you and your family from government interference in our lives and businesses. There is significant, unnecessary overlap between various local government entities, private philanthropy, and local businesses. Tracey will work tirelessly to end taxpayer funded philanthropy, government picking winners or losers, and competing with private enterprise. Government's insatiable appetite to tax and spend must end. It is ridiculous that a myriad of local politicians vote to raise tax rates while they are already confiscating double digit tax increases because of property value rises. Tracey will work tirelessly to rein in the special taxing districts and get government back closer to its limited core mission of public safety and maintaining the rule of law.

We have seen a significant increase in tourism in our area over the last few years. This boost in community revenue helps to fund the maintenance of our beaches and other attractions frequented by visitors. The tourism industry plays an important role in our county, and I look forward to building on this momentum that nourishes our community.

The Indian River Lagoon is a great asset to our community and is home to a diverse array of flora and fauna. But today, unfortunately, it is threatened by pollution, contamination, and other harms. Our lagoon is one of our county’s most celebrated landmarks, and I will work hard to repair and enhance relationships between municipalities and the county to solve this time-sensitive problem.

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